Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography


I am also available to take photos of properties and businesses. I am more than capable of handling any outdoor or landscape shot of your commercial property.


My Process:

I will work with you to figure out what shots you would like to have taken. I will tour the grounds, at the appropriate times of the day, to take these shots, after which I will compile the photos onto a flash drive and let you narrow down the photos to the ones you would like. If you would like me to revisit a location to take another shot, then I would be more than happy to do that. Once you are happy with the photos and the amount taken then I will work on them and hopefully get them back to you within 1-3 weeks!


And dont worry about the cost of travel, if your business is within 10 road miles of Lake George, NY then cost of travel is free!!!


My rates:

$250 for 25 fully edited photos

$15/photo price for every photo over 25


*If you dont mind the photos being unedited and want them just as they are taken then I will provide you every photo I have taken (no number limit here) at the rate of $2.00 per photo.


**None of these rates above include the 7% New York State Sales tax that I will have to add onto the order.**


*** I do not do portrait or wedding photography ***
If you would like to have some professional portraits taken in the Capital Region then please check out my friend
Kayla Herlihy Photography at: